Virtual Facilitated Programs

Thrive’s facilitated programs are designed to let your employees engage virtually with their peers and an industry veteran, in order to enhance and accelerate learning.

Virtual Instructor Led Programs

When you want to give your employees the best opportunity to Thrive, you enroll them in our facilitator led, all digital, cohort based virtual programs. These programs allow your employees to get personal insight with industry veterans and develop a greater understanding of their roles, improving their performance through engagement with proven learning techniques.

This is enterprise level training on a small business budget, with all the results you’d expect from a much more expensive program. You will also be able to see the results of your employees to gain an understanding of how they’re engaging with the material, their peers, and the facilitator, in order to track the areas where they will need to continue to improve—and see where they’re beginning to Thrive.

Fundamentals of Leading People – Program

Thrive has created the Fundamentals of Leading People program to prepare new leaders for that transition setting them, and their team up for success. This virtually delivered program provides participants with a blended 4 week (8 hours per week) learning experience that baselines leadership knowledge and skills in a group setting.

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Accelerate Your Growth – Program

Accelerate Your Growth was designed to help new professionals more nimbly be able to contribute to their new job. This 2-week (6-8 hours per week) virtual program includes self-paced readings and learning opportunities in a variety of formats, including eLearning, videos, articles, case studies, and job aids – all geared to inform participants of what may be expected of them starting on day 1 and help them contribute in a meaningful way.

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Selling Essentials – Program

We have taken 20 years of building award winning custom sales training programs across many industries and created a learner experience that build the fundamental skills to give you a high performing sales team. This coach-led program helps new or aspiring sales professionals build fundamental skills and a methodical approach to territory and account planning that will drive revenue growth year after year.

Upcoming Selling Essentials Program Sessions


My company is growing fast and we were struggling to quickly get new leaders in place and set them up for success. Thrive’s Fundamentals of Leading people program gives our new leaders the tools they need and provides me with feedback on their strengths and opportunities for improvement. An incredible program that we could have never built and delivered ourselves.

When my HR leader told me that they had purchased Thrive to give me the professional development opportunities I had been requesting I was a bit skeptical. When I first logged in I was shocked that I could enroll in programs and workshops as part of the subscription. The sessions are amazing and I was able to network with people from other organizations while participating.