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Our EH&S program does more than just deliver health and safety training.

Create a better work environment and culture that keeps your employees safe and healthy, assures proper training and certification, and controls costs while reducing injuries, downtime, and damage.

Our EH&S Curriculum includes a large library of topics delivered in an easy to use platform to support your Health and Safety culture all while managing your annual recertification program.


Please complete the introductory overview items in this section to unlock all the remaining EH&S courses and resources!

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Personal Safety

Keeping safe at work is a shared responsibility between employees and your workplace, and these courses are intended to help you understand – or review – some of the best safe practices for your industry.

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Emergency Response

Knowing what to do when something goes wrong is an important part of being a responsible coworker, but did you know that by staying up to date on emergency response, you can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury—or worse—in the workplace?

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Environmental Safety

Nowadays, it’s required that businesses take the damage they cause to the environment seriously, and that’s why your employer needs you to help them protect the environment for all of us. In fact, by maintaining the required standards, you can help significantly reduce any negative environmental impact caused by your industry and avoid possible fines from OSHA.

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Warehouse and Equipment Safety

There’s no denying it: warehouse work can be hazardous. But by taking the right precautions and staying up to date on our safety training we can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury on the job—or worse. Not only that, these courses can make it even easier for you to stay certified and on the job.

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Materials/Chemical Safety

In this group of courses, you will be studying topics like toxic substances, material handling, and hazcom, along with many more. Learning about material and chemical safety isn’t just important, it’s also a good way to earn badges and awards along the way, and to show your employer that you take safety in the workplace seriously.

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