About Us

The offshoot of a partnership between a globally recognized training and talent development firm and one of the hottest learning experience platforms on the planet created to help you Thrive

Our Story

Quality talent is the fuel that makes any successful organization run. However, the reality is that finding and retaining quality talent is a challenging, ongoing issue that can be time consuming and expensive—especially for those of us lacking a deep pocket Fortune 1000 HR budget. Thrive is a product partnership born from the belief that small to medium sized business face massive budgetary and capability challenges to compete for the quality talent they need to meet their goals.

We have combined the globally recognized, award winning content design and development capabilities of SDI Clarity with the revolutionary learning experience platform of Expectancy Learning to level the playing field. Why is this so important to us? As small business owners ourselves we face the same challenges you do but are fortunate enough to develop solutions to these complex issues as a profession. Our hope is that Thrive will level the playing field for organizations like us, and that people will be able to enjoy the benefits of working in a smaller organization without missing out on the opportunities historically only available at larger corporations.

Our Strategy

As complex as developing talent can be, our approach to it is relatively simple:

Build content and programs that small and mid-size organizations need to grow and meet their goals

Design and develop learning experiences that mirror the experiences people voluntarily engage with

Deliver content on an easy to use platform facilitated by industry veterans

Create learning experiences that are immediately applicable in a professional’s daily life

Gather data and feedback to create an environment that is being constantly improved upon

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