eLearning Libraries

Thrive content libraries outperform other content providers because we focus equally on content, visual design, and user experience to give learners what they need in a way they want to receive it. This approach keeps learners engaged, shortens the learning curve, and ultimately drives performance.

With Thrive, there’s no reason to piecemeal together content that fits the needs of your organization, everything is already in place and ready to go. Best of all, Thrive has a built in learning management system (LMS ) and learning experience platform (LXP), so you’ll be able to see employee updates and compliance from the convenience of your closest device. Thrive offers a variety of eLearning libraries to help you and your people stay compliant, build leadership and professional skills, and yes even generate more revenue. Choose a library below to explore how we can help your organization Thrive.

Health & Safety

Included with COMPLIANCE level membership.

Our EH&S eLearning library contains dozens of courses to help keep your employees safe and healthy while reducing injuries, downtime, and potential damage to your facilities and products.

HR Compliance

Included with COMPLIANCE level membership.

Our HR Compliance library covers a wide range of HR issues, whether training for the new person assuming their first HR role, a refresher for HR professionals, or for the small, growing business that now needs to expand its HR abilities.

Leadership Fundamentals

Included with KNOWLEDGE level membership.

Leading is complex. We have created a comprehensive library of leadership development topics that help new and emerging leaders build knowledge and skills through a self paced, on-demand series of interactive eLearning courses that shorten the learning curve.

New Professionals

Included with KNOWLEDGE level membership.

This library includes topics to help individuals who are new to working in a professional setting adapt and integrate more quickly into your team.

Selling Essentials

Included with KNOWLEDGE level membership.

Sales training that’s eye opening for the less experienced and still offers refreshing insights for sales pros. We have taken 20 years of building award winning custom sales training programs across many industries and created a series of courses that build the fundamental skills to give you a high performing sales team.

eLearning Library Catalog

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”As a small company with only 75 employees we just didn’t have the ability to provide the quality and variety of training our employees were asking for.  Subscribing to Thrive has been a gamechanger for our employees and frankly has become a selling point when hiring new talent.”

”When my HR leader told me that they had purchased Thrive to give me the professional development opportunities I had been requesting I was a bit skeptical. When I first logged in I was shocked that I could enroll in programs and workshops as part of the subscription. The sessions are amazing and I was able to network with people from other organizations while participating.”