Frequently Asked Questions

You may be asking yourself…

1. Who is Thrive Talent?

The Thrive Talent development platform is a fusion of SDI Clarity’s 20+ years of experience in creating custom talent development and training solutions for Fortune 1000 size organizations and Expectancy Learning’s leading cloud-based talent development software.  We recognize the challenges and costs associated with creating and delivering enterprise quality talent development is a significant barrier for small and mid-size organizations and have made it our mission to make this important capability available in a turnkey affordable solution.  A steady pipeline of capable talent is critical to helping organizations and their employees grow and thrive.  The Thrive Talent  development platform is the ultimate talent development platform for small and mid-size organizations.

2. What is a cloud-based talent development platform?

The Thrive Talent Development platform provides your entire organization with on demand access to HR Compliance, Health and Safety, Leadership, Sales, and Professional Skills development content and live facilitated programs and workshops anywhere, any time, and on any device.

3. How can the Thrive Talent talent development platform benefit my organization?

Small and mid-size organizations that offer quality training and professional development opportunities are more successful in attracting top talent, retaining their top performers, and building necessary skills and knowledge in their teams to support growth.  The Thrive Talent Development platform offers 4 subscription levels and can be implemented in minutes, not weeks or months.  This provides your team with instant access to the training and professional development they need to drive performance, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

4. What features and functionalities does the Thrive Talent development platform offer? 

eLearning Content Libraries: A wide range of digital learning materials covering various topics and skills that employees can access at their own pace.

Learning Management System (LMS): A central hub that manages and delivers training content, tracks learner progress, and generates reports to assess training effectiveness.

Live Virtual Programs and Workshops: Interactive online workshops and programs facilitated by instructors to provide real-time learning experiences and encourage collaboration among participants.

Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting tools that provide insights into learner engagement, progress, and performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Mobile Compatibility: Support for mobile devices, allowing learners to access training content on smartphones and tablets for on-the-go learning.

Personalization: Customizable learning paths and content recommendations based on individual learner needs and preferences.

Gamification: The incorporation of gamified elements, such as badges, points, and leaderboards, to enhance employee engagement and motivation.

Social Learning: Features that encourage social interaction and knowledge sharing among learners, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with other HR and learning systems used within the organization for seamless data exchange and workflow.

Security and Compliance: Robust security measures to protect user data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

5. Is the Thrive Talent development platform customizable to our organization’s needs?

The Thrive Talent development platform offers multiple subscription levels to benefit your entire organization as well as individual users and allows you to assign specific courses, workshops, and programs based on job role or to support development planning efforts.

6. How user-friendly is the Thrive Talent development platform for both administrators and learners?

User experience is central to what makes the Thrive Talent development platform the ultimate talent development platform.  Our portal and content is designed to maximize user engagement and is constantly gathering data on user interaction to inform how we continuously improve the user experience to drive engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development.

7. What types of training content are available?

The Thrive Talent development platform delivers knowledge and builds skills in key areas using four different content types:

Social Learning:  The Network connects Thrive Talent users across the entire user base to drive peer-to-peer learning on a multitude of topics.  Users can benefit from the subject matter expertise of the Thrive Talent program leaders and peers who are active in the network.

eLearning: The Thrive Talent development platform offers comprehensive eLearning libraries across a number of important topics.  eLearning is essential for delivering knowledge and providing reference materials to support the needs of your employees on demand.  Our eLearning courses are designed to provide users with a modern experience that is representative of how people consume news and content in their personal lives to drive engagement and knowledge retention.

Virtually Facilitated Workshops:  The Thrive Talent development platform offers live facilitated, regularly scheduled, cohort-based workshops across a number of important skill building topics.  Participants receiving coaching and feedback from professional facilitators who have real world experience in applying them while interacting with others who are seeking to build their skills.  Our workshops are offered exclusively to individuals who are subscribed to the skill development level of Thrive Talent.

Cohort Based Blended Program Experiences:  Our most comprehensive content type provides participants with a blended learning experience that combines Social Learning, eLearning, Virtually Facilitated Workshops, and Assessments to provide participants with foundational skills and knowledge as they begin their professional, leadership, and sales careers.  Our programs are offered exclusively to individuals who are subscribed to the career development level of Thrive Talent

8. Can we track and measure the effectiveness of training on the platform?

Absolutely!  We built the Thrive Talent development platform on top of Expectancy Learning for this exact reason.  Our admin dashboard makes it simple to measure utilization and effectiveness at the individual, group, and organizational level giving you insights into skill and knowledge strengths and needs to maximize the return on your talent development investment.

9. Is the platform scalable for growing organizations?

Absolutely!  We built the Thrive Talent development platform to support small and mid-size organizations with up to 5,000 users.  Some users have even implemented a customized version branded to their organization.

10. What kind of customer support and training is provided?

Simplicity is our mission.  You can implement the Thrive Talent development platform in your organization in a matter of minutes and begin offering training and professional development to your employees.  Our support time is always available to answer questions and assist you along the way.

11. Is the platform secure and compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes!  Privacy is important to us and are are continuously improving our privacy and security measures to stay current with  market standards.

12. What are the pricing options and subscription plans?

The Thrive Talent development platform offers 4 different subscription levels across 2 different categories: Organization and Individual.  You can implement our Compliance level to your entire organization for FREE with our most expensive individual subscription topping out at just $2,5000 for unlimited access to all content, workshops, and programs for a year!

13. Can the platform be integrated with other HR and learning systems we use?

We have integrated with several HRIS and LMS solutions to simplify implementation and management of your user group.  Please contact us to discuss integration needs and options.