Professional Skill Building

Thrive Talent’s portfolio of skill building cohort based workshops are designed to help individuals develop the specific skills they need to thrive in their role and in your organization.

Workshop Experiences That Deliver Immediate Results

Why is the Thrive Talent development platform the ultimate talent development solution for your organization? One reason is our live facilitated cohort based workshops. Every workshop topic is offered at least once per month allowing individuals to enroll in these skill building cohort based experiences when they are needed with our Skills or Career Path plans.

Each workshop is virtually facilitated, reducing the amount of time off the job and allowing access from anywhere with WiFi! The experience is hands-on, meaning there is less instruction and more “doing.” And each workshop will include participants across a variety of industries and skill levels, resulting in a more enriching peer-to-peer sharing of ideas and experiences to help you Thrive. Explore our ever growing list of workshop topics.


$ 999 /user annually

Develop an individuals skills by providing them with unlimited access to our live facilitated cohort based workshops delivered on the Thrive Talent platform.

  • FULL ACCESS to all Thrive Skill Building Workshops for one team member
  • BONUS – When you invest in building an individual’s skills, you also receive our Knowledge Level for your entire organization for an entire year!

Change is constant, and for many people, it can feel like a constant headache! This workshop gives insight into change management, the process of change, and how to lead and implement change.

This workshop focuses on becoming more aware of coaching situations, reviewing the various styles of leadership and how to effectively execute situational leadership to provide exceptional coaching and feedback to team members.

Whether a project leader, team leader, or head of a department, you may be required to establish and/or maintain a budget. This workshop covers tips and best practices for creating and monitoring budgets, while allowing participants to put them into practice.

Are you responsible for defining and communicating work processes to other employees and teams? This workshop lays the foundation for breaking down standard work and making it simple to understand and/or visual.

Bias is all around us. Oftentimes it is visible and unnerving, but at other times it is more subtle and not as noticeable. We all play a part in reducing bias, and this workshop helps identify common implicit bias situations so we are more aware of our own actions and those of others, to reduce or eliminate bias altogether.

Have you ever found yourself unprepared when negotiating with a co-worker, loved one, or salesperson? Have you walked away from a conversation feeling you lost more than you won? This workshop provides insight into negotiations.

Preparing for and executing a presentation can be stressful, even for the most seasoned professional. This workshop helps participants understand how to plan for and execute a good presentation, to build confidence and consistency.

Most of us solve simple problems on the fly, but what if the problem is more complex or impacts multiple people/departments? This workshop reviews an established methodology for determining root cause and solving even the most challenging problems.

Have you ever facilitated a meeting and felt like you lost control or didn’t achieve your objective? Then this workshop is for you! This training focuses on preparing for and facilitating meetings in an effective manner.

As individual contributors, we all have personal objectives we are tasked with achieving. As project or team leaders, we are responsible for establishing these objectives, aligned to departmental goals, a corporate strategic plan, and/or a company’s mission, vision, and values. This workshop breaks down the objective-setting process, to ensure objectives are aligned, measurable, and achievable.

We’ve all been a part of a department or project team where conflict seemed to be the norm vs the exception. This workshop focuses on managing and reducing this conflict amongst team members.

When it comes to sales, one of the most critical components for success is the development and execution of a territory plan. This workshop provides an overview of territory planning and allows participants an opportunity to begin establishing their own plan.

”I had an employee who really needed development in some critical areas. I simply logged into the Thrive portal, found their schedule of virtually facilitated workshops, and enrolled them. The feedback from my employee was astonishing. They found the sessions informative and actionable. We have seen drastic improvement in their performance since then. Thrive is our go-to for helping our employees improve their performance.”

”As a manufacturing company we needed to implement a better health and safety program to hit our goals. Thrive’s EH&S program doesn’t just give us the topics and content we need, but it also gives us the reporting and makes annual recertification simple.”

”As a small company with only 75 employees we just didn’t have the ability to provide the quality and variety of training our employees were asking for. Subscribing to Thrive has been a game changer for our employees and frankly has become a selling point when hiring new talent.”