Off the Shelf Training Solutions

Benefits of Off the Shelf Training Solutions

Craving more resources for onboarding workers? Don’t stress, don’t even get up from the couch, we’ll have courses on your doorstep in just a few moments. Need professional development, hold the corporate lingo, with additional facilitated courses so your employees can talk to real people? We can do that too. Off the shelf training solutions provide a menu of upskill and development opportunities for a variety of businesses big and small. Read on to see how Thrive makes development easier for you. 

It Works

Contrary to popular belief, not every training program needs to be customized to your organization. There is a need for training across all industries regardless of organizational differences. For example, when it comes to compliance with HR and OSHA standards, employees need to understand federal and state regulations in addition to a company’s house rules. That’s why OTS training is especially successful in these areas. We handle basic employee needs while leaders can focus on the bigger picture. 

Give Yourself Your Time Back 

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to professional development. Plenty of in-house training not only eats up employee hours, but the hours of their leadership or whoever takes the time to map out and implement material. By moving training to an established program, leadership can save their hours by putting employees in charge of their own learning. Thrive is built to be implemented on any phone or computer, so employees can learn at their leisure. In addition, leadership can check up on user progress with a few clicks, and that’s that. No more scheduling meeting times, sending reminder emails, or answering questions. Everything is automated on Thrive. 

It’s Engaging 

We’ve all been through boring training. Perhaps you’ve clicked through a Never-Ending PowerPoint or worse, listened to someone reading from a book. Our research in user-based design eliminates unnecessary content while delivering useful data through infographics, videos, and other interactive lessons that up user engagement and retention.  

Connect with Others 

Thrive is a platform in addition to a learning program. Through our discussion boards we allow users from all companies to connect, chat, and learn together.  

Instant Access 

Did we mention Thrive can be downloaded straight from our website? There are no boxes to check or hoops to jump through. Simply select the courses your organization needs and get started. Employee training was never easier.