Start by looking inward.

Bias is all around us. Oftentimes it is visible and unnerving, but at other times it is more subtle and not as noticeable. The truth is, each of us have exhibited some sort of bias in our lifetimes, even if unconsciously. And we all play a critical role in reducing bias, starting with our own!

  • Who should attend?

Employees and leaders at all levels of the organization

  • Format

Virtual instructor-led via Zoom link

  • Duration

2 hours

  • Class Size

Maximum 20 participants

This workshop helps attendees identify common implicit bias situations, so they are more aware of their own actions and those of others, to reduce or eliminate bias altogether. Participants will share and discuss stories of bias, and work in breakout teams to analyze bias situations and determine appropriate corrective courses of action to eliminate bias from occurring similarly in the future.

As a result of participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize conscious vs unconscious causes of implicit bias
  • Identify situations where bias is occurring
  • Eliminate personal bias in a variety of individual and professional situations
  • Determine strategies for addressing implicit bias within their organization – amongst peers and coworkers, with customers, etc.

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